01 November 2012


In 2011, the China’s total retail sales of consumer goods were 18.1 trillion Yuan. According to Mckinsey&Company, the world's famous consultant company's prediction, China will become the world's second largest consumer market in 2014 and the largest luxury market in 2015.Chinese consumers have great cognition of foreign brands, and also have a strong capacity to pay for them. Yet, the brands' simplification in Chinese business channel restricts the purchasing power of Chinese consumers, but the overseas purchasing through tourism increases year by year. Therefore, the competitive importing consumer goods will gain infinite business opportunities and take over the Chinese consumer market certainly.

With the approval of MOFCOM(CAIT [2012] No.2353), International Brand Management Center (IBMC) will jointly organize the "Global Purchasing Center" with domestic business association, business institutions of foreign embassies and dominant bonded zones to provide series of services for foreign suppliers, such as exhibition in bonded zones, promotion of brands, development of dealers, product purchasing and distribution. Meanwhile, IBMC will conduct extensive promotion activities together with supermarkets, department store and shopping malls in major cities to further help the foreign brands with enhancement of popularity and full expansion of Chinese market.

1.1 Goal

The aim of the purchasing season is to expand import and consumption, raise the consumption scale, upgrade consumption construction and meet the surging demand in the coming Spring Festival. IBMC will mainly introduce some of the FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) from the major countries as well as other categories of commodities. Through the cooperation with relevant associations, IBMC dedicates to provide the consumers and dealers with original, qualified and cheap imported goods. In connection with the 2013 Spring Festival, various of activities will be host in the main cities to amplify the type of goods, satisfy the growing domestic demands.

1.2 Schedule

1) Suppliers application and sample sending: September, 2012 –November, 2012

2) First Purchasing season:  October, 2012 – March, 2013

The global purchasing season will introduce different types of goods in different stages. The first stage will last from October, 2012 to March, 2013. In response to the surging consumption demand in the coming Spring Festival, CAIT has launched the solicitation for the first purchasing season.

1.3 Products for purchasing

The first purchasing season mainly involves some of the FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) like red wine, milk power, olive oil, leisure food (chocolate, coffee, drinks, candy, biscuits, dried fruit, nuts, dried meat, etc.), infant nutrition, health care products, kitchen utensils, paper products for mothers and babies, daily necessities of life, cosmetics, clothing, bags, shoes, furniture, home furnishing, watches, toys, jewelry and so on.

More products will be included later, such as machinery and equipment, spare parts, raw materials, technology and service.

1.4 Services

Our association will provide the complete range of service for your products for free from October 1st, 2012 to March 31st, 2013.

The services include:

  1. Display of the samples in bonded areas
  2. Develop dealers
  3. Product promotion in major Chinese cities
  4. Collect and summarize feedback information
  5. Transportation of the samples nationwide

We have seven major regions of global purchasing center in China: East region, North region, South region, Southwest region, Central region, Northeast region, Northwest region.

Zhangjiagang Free Trade Port Area (Near Shanghai in East region) is designated as a center for sample collection and distribution in the global purchasing season.

2. Requirement of suppliers

1) All the enterprises that want to expand Chinese market are allowable for this event whether they are in China or not. So do the Chinese representative office, exclusive agencies, and distributors of foreign brands.

2) Recommendation of the business chambers or industries associations.

3) According to the related laws, it must be the company, producer or distributor that has registered for 3 years and above outside mainland China.

4) The products must be produced outside mainland China, and provide the certificate of origin.

5) Must meet the need of Chinese market and with certain competitiveness.

3. Participation of suppliers

3.1 August – October, 2012 Application and evaluation

1) Fill the application form (, and send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. along with the introduction of company, brochure of product, quotation of both wholesale price and retail price. All of the materials should be in Chinese, if you cannot provide Chinese, English will work (we do not accept other languages); in pdf or doc, docx; should not exceed 10 M; the theme of the email should be “name of country- type of product- name of company- Already in China or not.

2) Feedback: the company will receive “acknowledgement” 7 working days after application, and be told if they meet the requirement of our center.

3) The companies with the products meet the requirement can mail the sample good and brochure of product to the bonded zone in Zhangjiagang(next to Shanghai, center of the purchasing season).For further information, please check the “acknowledgement”.

3.2 October, 2012 – March, 2013   Purchasing

1) Provide the six-month’s free exhibition service; organize the consumers, buyers group, companies, marketing experts to have promotion and evaluation.

2) Through the promotion activities and market survey, collect and provide the feedbacks.

3) Organize the supermarket, department store, companies, and distributors to buy the products.

3.3 Provide follow-up services for the suppliers


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