“Today commitments are the one discussed with our partners during meetings with the President Mr. Barroso and Troika. Obligations of our country are not only the cuts and other unpleasant measures, but also a series of reforms and structural changes necessary to restart the economy. Therefore, the commitments we are currently presenting are not just an “obligation”. We treat them primarily as a challenge. As a national bet. Through these reforms we want to send a message to everyone that Greece is determined to reverse the climate, to change course and to overcome the challenge.

These policies strengthen entrepreneurship and creation of new jobs, reduce bureaucracy, improve investment climate and promote transparency and rationality in public functions. I should stress that in order to overcome the today situation of the country we need to surprise positively. We should pass from defense to attack”, said the Greek Minister.

The ten priorities:

1. Motorway concessions projects – restart of the 4 stagnating big projects

2. Accelerate structural funds implementation

3. Privatization of TRAINOSE & ROSCO (railways)

4. Attract investors – New law

5. National strategy for exports

6. Improve entrepreneurship environment – simplify licensing

7. Competition – eliminating market barriers

8. Public procurement reform

9. Regional Airports exploitation

10. Opening of the “interregional passenger road transport” market

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