Proud supporter of the Greek Delegation

The leading Greek pharmaceutical company VIANEX SA, confirms once again its dynamic, extrovert character, by joining forces with “Introducing Leaders”, a strategic business initiative, as a strategic sponsor of the Greek Delegation in the “Annual Meeting of the new Champions” in the World Economic Forum (WEF), which will be held from 10 to 12 September in the city of Tianjin in China.

This is an event of global scope, characterized as the “Davos of emerging economies”. The Annual Meeting of the New Champions takes place from 2007, as the most important international meeting on science, technology and innovation, which brings in touch the new generation of fast-growing firms that shape the future of business, with leaders from major multinationals, as well as government, media, academia and civil society.

In this context, the initiative “Introducing Leaders”, which is the organizer of the Greek Delegation, brings together global leaders, visionaries and shapers of the business world today.

One of the most dynamic entries in this Annual Meeting of the New Champions is that of VIANEX. With unique manufacturing capabilities, which are provided by the four modern factories in Greece and by a workforce of over 1,100 employees,VIANEX covers the entire range of production and distribution of pharmaceutical products, upgrading continuously its services and its pharmaceutical portfolio. The financial data of VIANEX, as reflected in the annual financial results and in the investment indicators, place VIANEX among the most reliable and efficient companies in Greece. The innovativeness of the company’s culture as well as the implementation of a large-scale investment programme, allow VIANEX to creatively plan for new strategic alliances of international orientation.

Among these, it is worth noting the cooperation of VIANEX with the multinational pharmaceutical company “Farmaserv-Lilly”, for the production of 10 million pieces per year of injectable antibiotic Voncon (vancomycin) for serious infections, with export of 100% in China, which accompanied by an investment of EUR 1.5 million and the creation of 135 new jobs.

Molly Mc Adams, director at “Introducing Leaders” said: “We are very pleased to have entered into this key Strategic Sponsorship with Vianex SA and look forward to accompanying its directors to China.”

Desy Karapchanska, director at “Introducing Leaders” added, “Vianex and its group companies are in a perfect partner for the delegation due to their growing experience of doing business in China. We welcome them on board.”

Associate partners include the Hellenic Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise Greece (formerly Invest in Greece) with CEO, Stefanos Issias as acting head of the delegation.

Corporate sponsors of this high-profile delegation, the first of its kind to the WEF, AMNC, include Piraeus BankDolphin Capital Investors and Vianex SA with Goldair Tourism acting as hospitality and logistics partner.

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